Tubes with high corrosion resistance

Tubos zincados y pintados con poliéster

Tubes with high corrosion resistance for environments like offshore wind energy galvanized and painted with polyester paint with high mechanical strength and to ultraviolet rays.

The tubes without welding galvanized and painted with polyester paint, are particularly suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic applications requiring high resistance to environmental corrosion.

Besides zinc, the additional layer of polyester paint gives the tube a high mechanical strength (erosion, etc.) and ultraviolet rays at a facility located outdoors.

The results obtained in testing in salt spray chamber the curved excess of 1000 hours without appearance of white rust (zinc):





1)  TUBE

  • Tube without welding galvanized and painted with polyester paint
  • Norma EN 10305-1/4
  • Acero: E235 +N
  • Available from 6mm to 42mm in bars 6m



  • Electrolytic zinc layer of white passivation (blue) according to EN-ISO 2081: 2008.
  • Passivation: Free Chromium VI in accordance with EC Directive 2000/53 / EC.
  • Zinc metal layers 8, 12, 25 and other



  • Organic paint. RAL 9005 satin polyester.
  • Coat of paint from 50 microns to 100 microns with tolerance – / + 20 microns
  • Resistance tests in salt spray chamber curved areas exceeding 1000 hours without the appearance of white rust (zinc)
  • High resistance to UV rays
  • Resistant to chemical agents
  • Mechanical characteristics: excellent adhesion and flexibility, which allows small radii bends.
  • Available colors: all RAL (to the customer’s choice)

Tubos Colores energía eolica



Driving oil in hydraulic and pneumatic installations with demand for high corrosion resistance:

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic applications
  • Offshore Wind Energy
  • Mobile cranes
  • Civil Works Construction Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery


Aplicaciones de energía eolica para tubos cincados

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