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New automated warehouse for pallets

Automatic storage systems for pallets are solutions that use automated mechanisms for the handling of loads. It offers a high storage density thanks to the reduction of the work corridors and its height growth capacity. It also uses minimum response times. Its reliability allows the immediate inventory of stored products and minimizes errors in the handling of loads.

With the new automated pallet storage system we get:

  • Increase our storage capacity thanks to the high degree of compaction, the use of height
  • Automated and digitized material entry system
  • Automated system extraction of product through stacker cranes in order to optimize all physical movement processes within the warehouse, which in turn is connected to the «host» of the company from where the orders are received to process the different transactions from the warehouse.
  • Considerable time saving in material delivery
  • Reliability and versatility. As long as the merchandise conforms to very stringent standard characteristics of palletizing, within the robotic warehouse we can store any type of merchandise.


New storage system for tubes

In our constant vocation to improve service, Leku-Ona incorporates a new automated storage for tubes into its machinery park. It allows storing and automatic removal of material in bundles and in simple, rough or worked pieces and of various length and weight. The automatic warehouse of 10.105mm in height, has 2 towers, 1 elevator, 34 containers; with mobile shuttle for loading and unloading containers. Full capacity of the warehouse 102,000kgrs.

This new vertical automatic warehouse allows us to organize and optimize the storage of tubes, reducing the time of preparation of the orders and giving greater security to the operator in the movement of the materials.


We incorporate the new CNC tube bending machine par excellence, ETURN-52

In our desire to improve our service and guarantee the quality of our products, we have incorporated into our infrastructure the new BLM ETURN-52, the tube bending machine par excellence. Folds tubes from 8 mm diameter. to 52 mm . In-process right-handed and left-handed bending, with fixed or variable radius, in single or multiple radius mode.. The ETURN is so flexible that it adapts to any type of application from the interior decoration sector to the automotive industry. A unique versatility for always innovative solutions.

With the new tube bending machine we can develop our work without limits: Freedom of shape: with round, oval, rectangular tubes, pre-processed with holes or slots… Freedom of radius: fixed and/or variable. Freedom of orientation: flat, sideways, inclined. Freedom of bending direction.


It doesn’t matter if you are bending thousands of parts or just a few prototypes. Now you can make the first part a good part. It used to take great skill and a number of man hours to dial in a bend and minimize wasted material. Our 60 years of expertise has been condensed into the CNC control of the E-TURN tube bender. Changeover times are dramatically reduced as all the critical settings for the bending machine and tooling are managed automatically by the CNC including: clamps, pressure die, mandrel position/ retraction, center line radius etc. Using the B_Tools feature guarantees perfect results regardless of the operator’s skills. The first part is always right!


You can create an infinite number of virtually identical parts by exploiting the features of the industries’ most evolved bending technology.


The VGP3D three-dimensional programming software makes the real difference:

  1. it checks part feasibility, eliminating the risk of collisions which typically occur during the first practical try out
  2. it calculates the real production cycle time in advance, slashing the time needed to create customer quotes or determine feasibility
  3. it automatically generates the machine program.




Visualize the video and you can check the maximum flexibility offered by the machine.