Leku-Ona, the strength of a group

Leku-Ona- Global Solutions



LEKU-ONA is able to provide consistent global solutions to market needs with the strength of a group formed by Leku-Ona, Urtzinox_Improving your business, MKL_Machining and Laser Cutting. and BOSTAK_Mounting & Solutions Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems. The strategic of all of them is based on a constant attitude of research and improvement in their areas. Provide positive synergies and forces remain in a state of continuous improvement.






URTZINOX is a company that designs and optimizes the processes of its customers in supply, logistics and manufacturing processes. The URTZINOX effort focuses on providing KITS, LOGISTICS and TRACEABILITY analyzed and controlled that can be completed with the best customized products and industrial supply options.





BOSTAK , is a company with long experience and expertise in MOUNTING  HYDRAULIC,  PNEUMATIC AND MECHANICAL SYSTEMS either at its own facilities or on the customer . It features high-tech equipment and qualified staff that is able to create and design the best solutions for the customer.









MKL , focuses on providing GLOBAL SOLUTIONS IN MACHINING AND LASER CUTTING . Equipped with the latest technology, a CAD-CAM system that allows create designs of 2D and 3D for the development of machining planes and useful. A powerful department QUALITY  equipped with a three-dimensional measurement Romer Multigage arm with PC- DMIS software, a coordinate measuring machine DEA PIONEER and various measuring devices such as micrometers, calipers, digital scales ….

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