Assembly instructions for DIN 2353 fittings manufactured and marketed by NEXO FITTINGS

nexo fittings

Nexo Fittings currently offers a wide range of hydraulic connectors for pipes and flexible tubes with the aim of providing an optimal solution to the requirement for the coupling of steel tubes.

The entire manufacturing process is carried out in the facilities in Germany and thanks to our automated warehouses in Itziar-Deba, we guarantee a fast response and short delivery times.

nexo fittings

Assembly Instructions

Here there are the assembly instructions for DIN 2353 fittings manufactured and marketed by NEXO FITTINGS. It is recommended to use pre-assembly tools.


1.- Tube preparation

Cut the tube square (do not use a pipe cutter). An angular offset of 0,5° is permissible.


Lightly debut the tube ends and clean the tube. The maximum permitted chamfer is 0.02 x 45 deg. The clamping area must be clean and free of any chips, dirt, grease, oiland paint.



2.- Tube preparation

Lightly lubricate. Immediately proceed with the assembly in order to avoid exposure to contamination.



Consecutively put the union nut first and then the cutting ring onto the tube end. Pay attention to the correct alignment of the cutting ring: The cutting edges have to face to the tube end.


Carefully insert the tube end into the 24° taper of the final assembly stud and push it firmly against the inner stop. The tube must be held in this position during the entire assembly process in order to avoid faulty assembly.

Difficult mounting conditions or larger sizes may require the use of a vise.


Press the pipe firmly against the stop in the coupling body. Tighten the nut with a wrench until no further tightening is possible. Hold coupling body steady with a wrench.



Checking: Slacken the nut and push back. Check that the gap between coupling body and rind is closed.


Repeated Assembly: Reassemble the con- nection using the same force as final as- sembly. This should be done each time the connection is reassembled.


If you have any doubts regarding assembly or want to obtain the PDF catalogue for the different types of fittings provided by Nexo Fittings (connectors, male or female thread, adjustable 24° swivel connector and O-ring, tubular, etc.) do not hesitate to contact the brand using the email or through

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T 943 74 34 50
F 943 74 34 62

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